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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the shelf life of your teas?

A. The shelf life of our teas unopened is generally one year. Once opened, we recommend that the product be used within 6 months if possible. The tea's life length after being opened can vary depending on how the product is handled, resealed and stored, but should be good for at minimum 6 months after being opened.

Q. What is your Olive Oil Mister made of?

A. In order to bring you the lightest weight, most durable air pressure delivery system, our sprayer is made of BPA-Free plastic.

Q. Why isn't it made of glass?

A. The Ideal Oil Mister is used by people of all ages, including children and older folks with difficulty holding and spraying from a heavy container. We've chosen this material so that the mister can be use safely in the kitchen, outdoors by the barbecue, or easily transported to beach, RV, boat, pool side or golf course without concern for breakage should it be knocked over or dropped on hard surfaces.

Q. What is your coffee/tea infuser made of?

A. In order to bring you the lightest weight, most durable bottom dispensing infuser system, ours is made of BPA-Free plastic.

Q. What is the bonus extender ring made of?

A. The 'donut'-shaped ring that lets us use the infuser with extra wide-mouthed mugs is made of food safe acrylic material.

Q. What is the bonus spoon made of?

AThe ladle-shaped spoon included with the infuser is made of food safe acrylic material. It can be used to scoop loose leaf tea out of the tins, or to scoop honey or other sweeteners.

Q. Where is your mug made?

A. The Ideal Coffee and Tea Mug is made in China, in ___, the region renowned for the highest quality ceramics. 

Q. Should I refrigerate teas to preserve them?

A. We do not recommend that the teas be refrigerated. The tea should be stored in a cool and dry area. Keep in mind, our teas are all natural without any artificial preservatives, they are susceptible to contamination if not sealed with their air tight lids between uses.

Q. Should I wash the Ideal Oil Mister regularly? Monthly?

A. The outside of your mister can be washed at any time. Close the container so water will not enter the container, then just soapy up your hands and use your hands to wash the outside of the container, and rinse it under hot water and let it air dry.

A. Depending on the ingredients you put in your mister, there may be no need to wash the inside of your mister with soaps. Many users choose to use lemon juice and vinegar as cleaning agents.

A. The olive oil industry's leading experts have advised us that the shelf life of olive oil is 2 years. Therefore, if you are using fresh olive oil, there should be no need for frequent washing.

A. If you are using homemade flavor infused olive oils, with particles from the herbs and spices used, you may wish to strain those particles out and pour only the liquid into your mister. This too will limit the frequency of your needing to 'wash' the inside of the mister.

Q. May I wash The Fine Life products in the dish washer?

A. We do not recommend that the olive oil mister, the infuser, the spoon, the extender ring or the mugs ever be placed in the dishwasher. Hand wash them with mild dish soap and let them air dry on the counter or towel dry them with a soft dish towel.